Aria Group



We host leadership teams to clarify goals, align over values and make concrete plans to further realize both. We explore three sets of related questions – What are your visions, values and goals? Why are they important? How can you best accomplish them?


Most strategic planning processes focus on What and How questions. We also do that as well, while particularly focusing on the WHY beneath goals, which  energizes action with passion and purpose.


Through shared and enjoyable visioning and team building activities, re-creation opportunities, and carefully facilitated discussions, we guide teams to set visionary yet actionable goals for their future success.

The ARIA House

The ARIA House is an intimate, gracious space, located in the lovely village of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  It sits on a 40 acre field, next to a wellness center and a large nature preserve, each of which may be woven into the fabric of the retreat experience. Guests stay minutes away in the beautiful new Mills Park Hotel located near a quaint and creative downtown boasting fine dining, breweries, creative shops and a movie theater. We have easy access to Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati airports.