Description of Practice

  • For more than three decades, I have intervened in hundreds of cases, large and small, between individuals and groups, and taught and trained thousands of people around the world.
  • I conduct highly complex mediations between individuals. 
  • I often work in cases where others have given up.
  • My emphasis is on participatory and empowering processes.
  • My mediations often take place within organizational settings where individuals have personal issues with each other and/or there are system faults that make them worse. In short, I tend to both individual and system dimensions of conflict. 
  • This approach has been called “humanistic mediation.”


  •   I support people to view conflict as a mirror.
  •    Through gazing in this mirror with my support, people I work with often gain meaningful insight about their own goals and values that are at stake in a particular confrontation.
  •    We explore Why is this conflict so important to oneself and other side.
  •    In this way, usually through coaching of each side separately and guiding sides’ into dialogue together, I have a long and successful track record in supporting people to learn meaningfully about themselves and others.
  •    When conflicts are so constructively engaged, disputants become learners and conflicts become opportunities for discovery. This often leads to new beginnings. 

Education and Experience

I have a doctorate in international relations with a sub-focus on organizational and intergroup conflict. I am trained as a mediator and facilitator in traditional and transformative mediation, small group dynamics, organizational consulting, meeting management, art of hosting and international conflict resolution.

30 years of experience in two dozen countries:

*Coaching individual leaders.

*Mediating between individuals and groups stuck in destructive conflict cycles.

*Facilitating within and between groups seeking to work better together (link this to back retreat page).

*Supporting large-scale collaborative vision-to-action projects.

Representative Cases

Between siblings in conflict over their parents’ will.

With top leadership and boards in business, foundations and non-profit organizations.

In higher education settings  (including college presidents, deans and their faculty).

With dozens of community development, environmental and social justice organizations across the world.

Within intact families who want to deepen trust and understanding, and between divorced couples who have had ongoing conflicts in their post-marriage relationship (especially dealing with children).

Between founders and successors in closely-held and family businesses.

Within and between identity groups (such as police and community, Israelis and Palestinians) seeking to work better together, instead of at cross purposes.

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