We facilitate dialogue and collaboration of all sorts, and in particular in multi-stakeholder conflict engagement and/or visioning and planning processes,  where we employ participatory and empowering processes.

Professional Background

For more than three decades, we have taught and trained and guided thousands of people around the world.  We have devoted over 30 years facilitating groups, mediating, teaching, researching, writing, giving seminars and workshops around the globe in the art and science of collaboration.

Representative Cases Handled as a Facilitator

We have wide and deep experience facilitating visioning and planning retreats for leadership teams in organizations and communities globally, seeking to proactively predict their future by creating it.

We have facilitated a number of complex multi-stakeholder environmental change projects, including a year-long project with fisherpeople, environmentalists and regulators building a shared agenda for policy change.

We have extensive experience facilitating teams  in higher education settings. These have included working with Presidents and their Boards. Alumni Groups. Union and Administration. Faculty. Human Resource Departments and more.

We have spent decades facilitating within and between identity groups (e.g police and community; Israelis and Palestinians) seeking to work better together, instead of at cross purposes.

We served as the Special Master for a US Federal Judge after race riots in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2001.