Jay Rothman, Ph.D.

What I do?

I support individuals to find their own creative path to engaging conflict in their core relationships at work, home or community. In this way, people can discover conflict as an opportunity for deep learning. I bring a particular focus and expertise in “identity-based” conflict and cooperation where people’s sense of self and well-being are threatened or frustrated by a conflict dynamic.


Like it or not, in all types of settings we all must deal with conflict continuously. Often this time is not well spent, but is instead an exercise in frustration and conflict escalation. Even when we try to avoid it, conflict often “lives rent-free in our minds.” Why is this so often the case? What can be done to help people benefit more and suffer less from inevitable differences and disagreements in their relationships at home and at work?

Conflict coaching is one way of getting support to discover answers to these questions for oneself.

Many times people who might resist a mediation process, are more willing to explore one-on-one coaching in which they are supported to think about their conflict and how to deal with it more clearly and effectively (e.g. from deciding to engage in difficult conversations directly, to choosing to proceed with a facilitated process, to walking away with clarity and more peace of mind).


We begin with a confidential survey about what is going on, why a conflict dynamic is troubling, and how, so far, it has not been effectively addressed.

I treat this data with utmost confidentiality and, after review, offer you a complimentary 30-minute discussion to reflect together about your responses.

We may explore whether and how we might work together. Or, this exercise, and brief discussion, may be all you need to get more perspective on your situation and figure out what to do about it (i.e. nothing, dialogue, mediate, etc). While I am happy to serve as a coach, I am also satisfied if you determine that this preliminary process serves you sufficiently. 

Try out our ARIA Conflict Solo Self-Assessment App.

I will be in touch with you personally to offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation after you have completed the self-assessment.