The whole problem of conflict between people is that we do not say what we mean and we
do not do what we say.

Martin Buber


Conflict has a way of focusing the mind on what matters. But unfortunately, due to the heat of the battle, these insights are often left undiscovered. We help our clients find out and articulate what is most important to them in a conflict situation – often a window on important life matters – and how to constructively engage others over core these concerns.


We believe conflict can be an opportunity for discovery. We support people to creatively engage conflict as a doorway for learning and change. 

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With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Rothman is highly trained and seasoned, anchoring The ARIA Group’s conflict coaching, mediation and facilitation services.

Coaching (link) individual leaders. Many times people who might resist a mediation process, will be more willing to explore a private coaching situation in which they are supported to engage in difficult conversations, conflicts and negotiations in more constructive ways than they have in the past.

Mediating (link) between individuals and groups stuck in destructive conflict cycles. After working with each side separately, a decision may be made that the sides can be brought together to safety and effectively address their differences in constructive ways.

Facilitating groups (Link).  In addition to leading team building and visioning retreats  (link), we also work with groups locked in internal conflicts or with other groups. Sometimes this work proceeds visioning efforts and sets the stage for it.