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Entry one: From Acacaprac to Jazz-dance

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This is my first entry in my work/life back in the US. I have just closed my old website devoted to my now former career as a practitioner and academic of creative conflict engagement. I have been in a neutral zone for the past two years, coinciding with the Pandemic, since leaving academia and returning to hometown Yellow Springs, Ohio. This is my fourth return home. I believe this one is for good (as a separate part of this writing journey, I will be sharing excerpts of a book I’ve been writing for the past 54 years! It’s called from Home to Home – the last chapter, this one, is yet to be written.

With the launch of this new website, this week, and now this Jazz entry, I am launching my new beginning. I am stepping in to my 35-year-set-aside identity, as an artist. Meanwhile, I have aspired to make my life and work an art, through working to cultivate the creatively that can emerge from the friction of conflict. It’s been a fine career, and I will continue with it. And it will be increasing one of the outputs of my new-old focus on creativity itself, and not the main route I traverse.

My aspiration is to be more than to do. To create more than teach, and as much as I can, to preach far less than I reach, with passionate curiosity (!?) – the linking theme in this website and this jazz writing, as a whole.

This will be a return also to myself as a creative – not academic nor as questing public policy influencer – writer. I’ll be sharing stories, present, past and probably aspirational.

Stay tuned, I seek to be in tune too.