Happiness is saying what you mean and doing what you say.

Mahatma Gandhi


Life is a series of transitions that can sometimes feel overwhelming. I am available to support you to identify those transitions and think through how best to approach them. Whether it is divorce, empty nesting, re-partnering, changing jobs or careers, caregiving, or dealing with chronic illness, end of life and loss, we support you to find meaning and strength.  


Transitions contain a wellspring of possibility for discovery and growth.  Sometimes we all need more than getting advice from loved ones. As a coach, I  am available to help you process and examine best options and approaches to life challenges, and help ease the process of acceptance, decision-making, letting go and moving on.

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I build on decades use of experience coaching others through life and end-of-life questions to help you find your resilience in facing the most challenging situations in life or end of life experiences. I help you look at your situation from all angles, explore choices you face and some of the practical, emotional and spiritual questions that arise during these transitions. 

Through a process of open exploration, mindful self-compassion and journaling, I guide you on a process of discovery so you can deepen your interpersonal connections and resources and discover meaning on this journey we call life.

The ARIA Group is also available to host you, and up to three others, for a residential deep retreat of discovery.